Anton Jervell

Anton Jervell (1901 – 1987)

Anton Jervell (1901 – 1987) was a Norwegian physician.

Along with Fred Lange-Nielsen, eponymously affiliated with Jervell and Lange-Nielsen syndrome (JLNS) first described in 1957

Clinical and research interests focused on cardiology with multiple publications on arrhythmias


  • Born 14 June 1901 Oslo, Norway. Son of a city treasurer.
  • 1936 – MD, thesis on ECG findings in myocardial infarction
  • 1942 – Senior Consultant of Medicine, Vestfold Hospital
  • 1947 – Director of the Vestfold Hospital
  • 1947-1967 – Chairman of Tønsberg’s circle of the Red Cross, passionate humanitarian
  • 1957-1971 – Professor of Internal Medicine Ullevål Hospital & University of Oslo
  • 1967 – Knight of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav
  • Died 29 December 1987

Medical Eponyms

Major Publications

  • Jervell A, Lange-Nielsen F. Congenital deaf-mutism, functional heart disease with prolongation of the Q-T interval and sudden death. Am Heart J. 1957 Jul;54(1):59-68. [PMID 13435203]
  • Jervell A. Pulseless disease. Am Heart J. 1954 May;47(5):780-4. [PMID 13148117]
  • Jervell A. [Extrasystole]. Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen. 1963 Feb 1;83:257-62. [PMID 13957694]
  • Jervell A. The surdo-cardiac syndrome. Eur Heart J. 1985 Nov;6 Suppl D:97-102. [PMID 2417856]


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