Chloe Roy

Dr Chloe Roy MBChB, BMed Sci (hons). Surgeon in the making | LinkedIn |
eponym LITFL 340
John Henry Bryant
John Henry Bryant (1867–1906) English physician. Eponym: Blue Scrotum Sign of Bryant associated with ruptured abdominal aortic anurysm (1903)
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Fox’s sign
Fox's sign: non-traumatic ecchymosis over the upper outer aspect of the thigh secondary to abdominal haemorrhage. First described by English surgeon John Adrian Fox in 1966
Karl Maximilian Wilhelm Wilms (1867 – 1918) 340
Max Wilms
Karl Maximilian Wilhelm Wilms (1867 – 1918) was a German surgeon and pathologist. Eponymously affiliated with Wilms Tumour (nephroblastoma)
William Edwards Ladd (1880 – 1967) 340
William Edwards Ladd
Biography Born 8 September 1880 in Massachusetts as the sixth of seven children Graduated with an MD from Harvard Medical School in 1906 1910-1913 Assistant Visiting Surgeon to the Boston City Hospital, Infant’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital and Milton Hospital 1912…
Conrad Ramstedt (1867–1963) 340
Conrad Ramstedt
Conrad Ramstedt (1867–1963) was a German surgeon. Eponymously affiliated with the Ramstedt Pylorotomy (1912), of which he carried out 70 during his career