Matthew Mac Partlin

A Dubliner living in Sydney. Critical care (ED, ICU) and motor sport physician. FOAMed knowmad. Podcaster, 3D printing tinker and digital reality journeyman. Bassist and drummer. Cyclist. | @rollcagemedic | Website |
Gutenbergs Grandchild 340
Gutenberg’s Grandchild
3D printing is a rapidly evolving area. It is already demonstrating Moore’s Law rates which means it is easy to get left behind as progress marches on. Gutenberg’s Grandchild is a collective of clinicians in a variety of fields of…
Gutenbergs Grandchild 340
3D Printing for Anyone
Gutenberg's Grandchild cross-specialty collective of clinicians in emergency, critical care, PHEM, surgery employing 3D printing #3DP4C
Airway Registry Global Toby Fogg
Jellybean 078 Toby Fogg
Ipsa scientia potestas est Francis Bacon Toby Fogg talks to Matt Mac Partlin about the ever growing Airway Registry ANZEDAR This is FOAMed. Thus there are a lot of people that are nothing short of obsessed with airways. It’s as…