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Golden S Sign 340

Golden S sign

Golden S sign. Radiological sign which should raise suspicion of bronchial carcinoma. Rss Golden first described a characteristic reverse S-shaped shadow in the right upper lobe in 1925
Henry Khunrath Pancoast (1875-1939) 680

Henry Pancoast

Henry Khunrath Pancoast (1875 – 1939) was an American radiologist. The Pancoast tumour and Pancoast syndrome is named after him
Pancoast tumour 1924 680

Pancoast Tumour

Pancoast Tumour is a primary bronchogenic carcinoma which arises in the apex of the lung at the superior pulmonary sulcus.
Pancoast Syndrome 1924 680

Pancoast Syndrome

Pancoast Syndrome occurs secondary to local compression of brachial plexus and sympathetic chain by superior (pulmonary) sulcus tumors.
Henri Huchard (1844- 1910) 680

Henri Huchard

Henri Huchard (1844-1910) was a French cardiologist and neurologist. Eponymous term: Syndrôme de Huchard (Texidor twinge) in 1893

John L. Lovibond

Biography Born on May 4, 1907 1929 – BA 1932 – MRCS LRCP 1933 – MA 1934 – MB BCh 1935 – MRCP 1936 – MD 1943 – FRCP Died on May 4, 1954 Medical Eponyms Lovibond angle (profile sign)…