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18 OSCE videos for you to critique, make comments and discuss with your fellow trainees as part of your Objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) campaign.
BSCC Basic Science in Clinical Context 340 2

Oxygen Concentration Curves

Physiology Philes: Please draw the curve demonstrating the relationship between oxygen concentration and the partial pressure of Oxygen. BSCC Examination question
BSCC Basic Science in Clinical Context 340 2

Frank Starling Curve

Physiology Philes: Draw a Frank Starling curve and list the factors that affect contractility of the ventricle. BSCC Examination question
Tropical Medicine Library 340

Tetanus MCQ

Tetanus MCQ Q1. Which of the following is true for the tetanus vaccine? A. Every traveller should be up to date.B. No one should have more than 6 shots in their lifetime.C. Reactions are less likely to occur the more…

BSCC Basic Science in Clinical Context 340 2

Respiratory Dead Space

Physiology Philes: Regarding the respiratory dead space. Please explain the differences between the anatomical dead space and the physiological dead space in the lung. BSCC Examination question