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CICM SAQ 2013.1 Q11

You are asked to review a 64-year-old male who has been brought to the Emergency Department having been burned in a house fire. He is drowsy and confused with a persistent cough and unable to give a coherent history.
CICM Exam Library 340

CICM SAQ 2011.2 Q3

3.1 A 70-year-old, 42kg female with chronic renal failure, Type 2 diabetes and a history of alcohol abuse was admitted for management of leg ulcers infected with MSSA. Ten days into her admission she became increasingly short of breath and was referred to ICU.
CICM Exam Library 340

CICM SAQ 2011.1 Q8

A 40 year old previously well male presents with a ruptured appendix and associated peritonitis (Day 0). He returns to theatre 3 days later with ischaemic colitis and requires a right hemicolectomy.
CICM Exam Library 340

CICM SAQ 2010.1 Q9

A two year old child presents with fever, stridor and a harsh cough. His condition deteriorates and he requires intubation. Outline how you would do this.
CICM Exam Library 340

CICM SAQ 2011.1 Q6

This blood gas report was taken from a lady hospitalised for recurrent urinary tract infections. She was transferred to the ICU because of nosocomial pneumonia.
CICM Exam Library 340

CICM SAQ 2012.2 Q9

A 56-year-old woman with a spontaneous subarachnoid haemorrhage, presenting with a Glasgow Coma Scale of 12, requires transfer to a neurosurgical centre from a regional hospital.