Category Examinations

CICM SAQ 2010.2 Q28

You have been asked to review a three year old child who was trapped in a house fire and is now in the Paediatric Emergency Department. There is no history available from the child’s carer
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CICM SAQ 2010.2 Q16

With respect to pregnancy. Indicate how the following variables change in the third trimester (either increase or decrease or no change).
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CICM SAQ 2012.1 Q3

Questions a) List the patient-related risk factors associated with the development of Clostridium difficile enterocolitisb) List two tests that can be used for diagnosis of Clostridium difficile enterocolitis.c) List four markers of severity of disease in Clostridium difficile enterocolitisd) What…

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CICM SAQ 2011.2 Q26

Questions 26.1. List 4 clinical signs which may be noticeable on examination of the head in a patient with cerebellar disease 26.2. A patient presented with sudden onset of weakness involving his left upper and lower limb. On examination, he…

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CICM SAQ 2014.2 Q5

Outline the important anatomic features that affect airway management in the paediatric airway and, where appropriate, strategies that may be used to overcome these.
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CICM SAQ 2010.2 Q2

A 36 year old female is brought into your Emergency Department with acute shortness of breath. She is unable to provide any history due to her tachypnoea.
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CICM SAQ 2010.2 Q18

A junior trainee in distress has asked to speak to you regarding a medical error she has committed that has resulted in a life-threatening adverse outcome for the patient.
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CICM SAQ 2012.2 Q1

A 43-year-old woman is transferred to your Intensive Care Unit from a regional hospital following a motor vehicle crash. She is in haemorrhagic shock secondary to abdominal and pelvic trauma and received 3L crystalloid and 8 units O Rh(D) negative blood prior to arrival in your hospital.
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CICM SAQ 2012.1 Q8

A 74-year-old man with known ischaemic heart disease was admitted to hospital for treatment of worsening heart failure (day 1)
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CICM SAQ 2010.2 Q20

Outline your approach to the assessment of nutritional status in a critically ill patient, including the use of appropriate laboratory tests.