Jarrad Hall

Molecular microbiologist, Post-Doc in infectious diseases research . Research focus on ESBL and carbapenemases. Current UWA Medical student | @CdrHBiscuitIII | LinkedIn |
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Adaptive parasitology and free parking
Natural Killer Not Functioning to Combat Non-Presentation of MHC Due to Downstream Malfunction of Toll Like Receptor. A lesson in adaptive parasitology, and free parking. Full publication review from the Journal of Life as a Poor Science Analogy.
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Antibiotics: Preserve the miracle?
The placebo effect is well-known in modern medicine. Unfortunately, the most effective medicines we’ve ever discovered are more often used as placebos rather than cures. What are these medicines? Antibiotics. They’ve added 20 years to the average human life expectancy,…
A Potent but Weak Solution to Oil’s Peak
Known as unscientific, dangerous, potentially deadly, quackery, and other less than flattering but accurate terms, but it seems that science's attempts to dilute the false positive claims homeopathy makes only seems to make it stronger.
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A New Threat Tied in to Intensive Care
Environmental selection pressures are a driving force behind adaptive processes in organisms. For instance, drug misuse is commonly blamed for the rise of multi-resistant drugs and the disposal of large amounts of nylon in India giving rise to nylonase enzymes.…