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Ejner Sylvest

Ejner Oluf Sørensen Sylvest (1880-1972) was a Danish physician responsible for recording the 1930 viral (coxsackie B) epidemic - Bornholm disease
James Adolf Israël (1848 - 1926) 340

James Israel

James Adolf Israël (1848 - 1926) was a German surgeon. Eponyms: Actinomyces israelii, Nicoladoni-Israel-Branham sign

J.S. Dunbar

Biography Born in 1921 in Barrie, Canada (possibly August 16, 1920) 1945 – MD from the University of Toronto school of medicine 1945-1948 rotating internship at the Toronto General Hospital, with surgical internship at the Queen Mary Veterans’ Hospital in…

SMACC 2019 blue science innovation 340

Paediatric virtual reality

VR in paediatrics procedures. Those of us looking after kids know that making confronting situations better for those kids is one our biggest challenges.
Wallenberg Syndrome 340

Wallenberg Syndrome

Wallenberg Syndrome: neurological disorder with a variety of symptoms associated with posterior circulation ischaemic stroke. [AKA lateral medullary syndrome or posterior inferior cerebellar artery syndrome]