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SMILE2 is a collection of pages featuring overviews of important and interesting topics relevant to clinical education, improving the performance of healthcare individuals and organisations, and improving the outcomes of patient care.

Mindfulness 340

Mindfulness and the ED Doctor

Mindfulness and the ED Doctor. Why should I need mindfulness, as an ED Clinician? The answer is, of course you don’t – if you see no value in it for you...
SMILE2 Mind, Improvement, and Medical Education

Clinical debriefing

Clinical debriefing refers to learning conversations that occur soon after clinical events and involve the frontline workers that took part in patient care.
Vaccination Hesitancy 340

Vaccination Hesitancy

Review of the different motivations for vaccine “hesitancy” or “refusal” with discussion on vaccination hesitancy in the model of a new syndrome

Bully For You

I, like a lot of you, have witnessed bullying and stood by, afraid to speak out. ACEM have a working party to investigate the prevalence of discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment.

Physician Suicide

A friend of mine killed himself recently. This is a call to arms. As a profession it’s time for us to wake up to this problem, and to act.