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Karl Adolph von Basedow (1799 – 1854) 1

Karl Adolph von Basedow

Karl Adolph von Basedow (1799 – 1854) was a German general practitioner, surgeon and obstetrician. Described Basedow (Graves) disease 1840
John Dalrymple (1803 – 1852)

John Dalrymple

John Dalrymple (1803-1852) English surgeon and ophthalmologist. Dalrymple sign (1952) relating to Graves disease; dissection and histology of first case of multiple myeloma with Bence Jones (1846)
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Dalrymple sign

Dalrymple sign: Widened palpebral tissue (lid retraction) or lid spasm seen in thyrotoxicosis (Graves disease) by John Dalrymple (1852)
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Graefe sign

von Graefe sign (lid lag sign): Failure of the upper lid to follow a downward movement of the eyeball when the patient changes his or her vision from looking up to looking down. Typically associated with hyperthyroidism and exophthalmos
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Stellwag Sign

Stellwag Sign: decreased, incomplete or infrequent blinking in patients with exophthalmic goitre (Graves-Basedow disease). Stellwag sign may also seen in progressive supranuclear palsy, and in dysthyroid eye disease
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Pendred syndrome

Pendred syndrome: autosomal recessive genetic disorder (chromosome 7q31), characterized by congenital sensorineural deafness and goitre.
Vaughan Pendred (1869–1946) 340

Vaughan Pendred

Vaughan Pendred (1869–1946) was an English GP. Pendred first described the syndrome of bilateral sensorineural hearing loss with goitre (Pendred syndrome)
Eponymythology Graves Orbiopathy 340

Graves orbitopathy

Time to review the descriptions and eponymythology of the forgotten signs associated with Graves orbitopathy - the signs of Dalrymple, Stellwag, von Graefe, Möbius and Joffroy...
Caleb Hillier Parry (1755 – 1822) 1

Caleb Hillier Parry

Caleb Hillier Parry 1755–1822 English physician described Hemifacial atrophy; angina pectoris; Hirschprung disease; Graves disease in 1825

Graves Ophthalmopathy

Graves Ophthalmopathy: constellation of findings, apparent in 25-50% of patients with Graves disease. Robert Graves 1835
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Graves disease

Graves disease: Autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. A form of hyperthyroidism manifesting the triad of goitre, exophthalmos and pretibial myxoedema.