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Charles Edouard Brown-Séquard (1817 - 1894) 340

Charles Brown-Sequard

Charles Edouard Brown-Séquard (1817 - 1894) was a French physician and physiologist. Brown-Séquard Syndrome (1850); Brown-Séquard Elixir; hormone therapy
Paul Wilhelm Heinrich Langerhans (1847 - 1888) 340

Paul Langerhans

Paul Wilhelm Heinrich Langerhans (1847 - 1888) was a German pathologist, physiologist and biologist. Langerhans cell (1868) of the immune system, and islets of Langerhans (1869) in the pancreas
Alix Joffroy (1844 – 1908) 1

Alix Joffroy

Alix Joffroy (1844 - 1908) was a French neurologist and psychiatrist. Eponymously affiliated with Joffroy sign in Graves ophthalmopathy
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Joffroy sign

Joffroy sign (1893): absent wrinkling of the forehead when a patient in patients Graves Ophthalmopathy looks up with the head bent forwards.
Woltman sign 680

Woltman sign

Woltman sign of myxedema: Slowness of both the contraction and the relaxation of muscles in hypothyroid patients, best seen as the “hung-up” ankle jerk and occurring because of mechanical factors and slowness of contraction time, as in myotonia and pseudomyotonia