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Da Costa Syndrome

Da Costa syndrome (soldier's heart, neurocirculatory asthenia) most commonly considered a manifestation of an anxiety disorder

Max Hamilton

Biography Born on April 12, 1912 as Max Himmelschein in Offenbach am Main, Germany 1914 – Himmelschein family migrated to the UK Educated at the Central Foundation school, Cowper Street, London 1934 – Graduated LRCP, MRCS from the University College…

Angelo Mosso (1846 - 1910) 340

Angelo Mosso

Angelo Mosso (1846-1910) was an Italian physiologist, archaeologist, politician, mountain climber and teacher.
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Charles Bonnet syndrome

Charles Bonnet syndrome: Visual hallucinations in psychologically normal elderly people and most commonly associated in individuals with visual impairment .
Charles Bonnet (1720-1793) 340

Charles Bonnet

Charles Bonnet (1720 - 1793) was a Swiss naturalist and philosopher. Described Charles Bonnet syndrome in 1760; visual hallucinations of his visually impaired grandfather
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Capgras syndrome

Capgras syndrome: uncommon syndrome in which a patient has a delusional belief that a person, usually a family member or friend, has been replaced by an imposter.

Étienne Esquirol

Biography Born 3 February 1772 Died 12 December 1840 Medical Eponyms Key Medical Attributions Major Publications Esquirol E. Des maladies mentales: considérées sous les rapports médical, hygiénique et médico-legal. 1838 [Tome II] Controversies References Bibliography. Jean Étienne Dominique Esquirol (1772…

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Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome

Description What is the actual eponymous medical sign/syndrome/repair/classification… History 1849 – Swedish physician Magnus Huss published a series of case descriptions under the title Alcoholismus chronicus. Huss tried to show that various types of symptoms could be distinguished: neural symptoms, in particular sensory-motor…