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Button Battery Update

Button batteries. Latest literature + FOAM resources. If you see a post that needs a dose of ipecac please send in a comment and we will collaborate.
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An ingestion of 100mg of alprazolam... Boring benzodiazepine or badness brewing? Find out in this case-based series of questions-and-answers.
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Brain Dead?

A baffling case of apparent brain death... Can you work out what has happened? A 35-year old female with a history of multiple sclerosis and depression is found collapsed at home. She is known to have access to quetiapine.
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A Fumbling, Mumbling Mess!

A 41-year old man is brought to ED after becoming drowsy while in police custody. He states that he has taken an overdose of diazepam tablets prior to being arrested. A puzzling case of drug-induced delirium. Can you solve the mystery?
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Propanolol Overdose

aka Toxicology Conundrum 044 A 27-year old female weighing 60kg presents to ED approximately one hour after swallowing 70 x 40mg propranolol tablets (= 2.8 grams) with suicidal intent. At the time of assessment she is drowsy (GCS 13) with…

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Mistaken Identity

A 22 year old presents to the ED following the alleged ingestion of fenofibrate tablets 2 hours prior to presentation.
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A Remorseless Poison

A 20 year-old female had a polypharmacy overdose 36 hours ago. She has had symptoms of GI upset (nausea and vomiting), some anxiety and mild confusion. Her life is in your hands...
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Seafood poisoning

A couple present to the ED with vomiting and paraesthesiae after eating at a seafood restaurant. Can you help them by solving the seafood poisoning conundrum?