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Civilian first aid 680

Civilian First Aid

Videos to demonstrate simple lifesaving first aid skills to allow civilians in areas of conflict to potentially save the life of their fellow citizens
MedTwitter winner Mugele rules

Top 10 ways to WIN at MedTwitter

Ever wondered where to start on Twitter? How to become an 'expert' at MedTwitter? Josh Mugele lends a helping hand with the Mugele MedTwitter rules of engagement
EMCC Medical blogosphere 340

FOAM EMCC Blogs 2016

Since 2009 we have reviewed, revised and revitalised the Emergency Medicine and Critical Care blogs (EMCC) database. It has been a great way to add new resources
EMCC Medical blogosphere 340

FOAM EMCC Blogs 2014

Annual Emergency Medicine and Critical Care blogs database update with analysis of the the trends in asynchronous medical education
EMCC Medical blogosphere 340

Is Twitter the essential Blogging nutrient?

Prompted by a series of conversational musings and twitterings the concept of a 'blogging ecosystem' became apparent. With the 'blogging host' as the primary producer and 'blog posts' as distribution seeds - I went in search of the other energy sources necessary to create a fit, healthy and viable blog.
EMCC Medical blogosphere 340

FOAM EMCC Blogs 2012

130 blogs and podcasts covering 17 countries and numerous languages - we assess the global impact of emergency medicine and critical care #FOAM initiative
EBM Gone Wild mountain 340

There’s an app for that

When you’re out in the sticks, you want to travel light. This limits the amount of diagnostic supplies you can carry, and generally wilderness medics trend towards carrying supplies that can do multiple jobs. Thus, necessity being the mother of…

FOAM-LITFL-FOAMed FOAM 340 Conversation

Social Media and Knowledge Translation

Can social media bridge the gap between research and practice? This is the question raised by Paul Young, Chris Nickson and Dash Gantner in this month's edition of Critical Care and Resuscitation.