Cesarino Romano

Cesarino Romano (1924 – 2008)

Cesarino Romano (1924 – 2008) was an Italian paediatrician.

Paediatrician with clinical and research activity focused on cystic fibrosis, endocrine and metabolic pathologies.

Eponymously affiliated with Romano-Ward Syndrome which he described in 1963, independent of Owen Conor Ward (described 1964)


  • Born 5 July 1924 Voghera, Italy
  • 1952 – Graduated in Medicine, University of Pavia
  • 1958 – Appointed Paediatrician, University of Genoa
  • 1972 – Appointed Professor of Paediatrics
  • 1976-1996 – Director of Paediatric department, University of Genoa
  • Died 23 April 2008

Medical Eponyms


  • Romano and Ward are forever bound by their eponym but did they get on? The answer is yes! Ward recently speaking of Romano said ‘We remained good friends until his death

Major Publications

  • Romano C, Gemme G, Pongiglione R. Aritmie cardiache rare dell’eta pediatrica. [Rare cardiac arrhythmia of the pediatric age II, syncopal attacks due to paroxysmal ventricular fibrillation]. Clin Pediatr (Bologna) 1963;45:656–683. [PMID 14158288]
  • Romano C. Congenital Cardiac arrhythmia. Lancet. 1965 Mar 20;1(7386):658-9. [PMID 14255231]
  • Romano C, Gemme G, Pongiglione R. Aritmie cardiache rare dell’eta pediatrica. [Rare cardiac arrythmias of the pediatric age. I. Repetitive paroxysmal tachycardia]. Minerva Pediatr. 1963 Nov 3;15:1155-64. [PMID 14105486]
  • Afzelius BA, Gargani G, Romano C. Abnormal length of cilia as a possible cause of defective mucociliary clearance. Eur J Respir Dis. 1985 Mar;66(3):173-80. [PMID 3979484]
  • Lorini R, Di Pietro P, Romano C. Pediatria d’urgenza. Elsevier 2005.

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