Coda was born with one goal in mind: to take discussion and turn it into action. This extends to creating engaging clinical content but also to tackling broader issues that threaten global health.  

Coda however, will go one step further than SMACC, by crafting actions to mitigate threats to global health. Be a part of the change, as we strive for a healthier world.

Coda CURE 2021

In this episode of CodaZero Cure our stellar line-up of panellists take a deep dive into Sepsis post Covid-19 and reflect on the many opportunities and challenges presented.

First, we hear from vaccination uptake expert, Julie Leask, on Covid, vaccination and medical misinformation. Julie highlights some of the key drivers of vaccination hesitancy in society and challenges us, as health professionals, to work together to better inform our community.

Next, Senior Intensive Care Registrar, Khairil Musa, presents a moving talk about his experience of managing Covid on the front line in Yemen.

Reflecting on an unbelievable experience, Khairil describes the extent of the pandemic and how a lack of resources and infrastructure led to devastating consequences.

Our panel examine the clinical management of Covid and what lessons can be learnt to ensure we improve in the future.

How do we empower global organisation’s to respond to Covid-19 in the best way possible?

Access to information and public awareness is the solution to empowering a sense of personal responsibility in tackling diseases such as Covid and Sepsis. But how is this best achieved? What role does the WHO play as a global conductor?

Finally, our panellists answer some challenging questions: what about Covid keeps them awake at night?

What are the lessons for society and the healthcare system when hopefully the pandemic has passed?

If you had the power what is the one thing you would change?

Their answers are compelling.

Tune in as they discuss everything from the successful roll out of vaccines, to the psychological safety of the medical community, to the need for a shared sense of action and a focus on equity.

Coda CURE 2021

  1. Action on Vaccine Hesitancy and medical misinformation with Julie Leask
  2. The pandemic in resource-poor settings requires shared global actions with Khairil Musa
  3. Combating misinformation and Conspiracy by empowering a sense of personal responsibility with Vera Sistenich
  4. Listening to community concerns around vaccination must be at the heart of our public health response to the Covid19 pandemic with Nick Coatsworth
CODA EDUCATE: Full Episode

Coda CURE 2020

This first episode of Coda Cure has set the scene. The importance of clear definitions, treatment strategies, managing Antimicrobial Resistance, vaccination programs and dealing with the long term outcomes of sepsis were all identified. The Cure pillar remains in the early stages of identifying areas for our community to take meaningful action on global sepsis.

Coda CURE 2020

  1. Pandemic Sepsis Research through a Covid-19 lens – Are we failing? – Derek C. Angus
  2. The Resistance – Antimicrobial Resistance through a Covid19 lens – Elizabeth Hermsen
  3. Are the Covid19 and Sepsis Syndromes one and the same? – Simon Finfer
  4. Pandemic Sepsis and Inequality – Flavia Machado
CODA CURE Full Episode

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