This first episode of Coda Cure has set the scene. The importance of clear definitions, treatment strategies, managing Antimicrobial Resistance, vaccination programs and dealing with the long term outcomes of sepsis were all identified. The Cure pillar remains in the early stages of identifying areas for our community to take meaningful action on global sepsis.

Coda CURE 2020

  1. Pandemic Sepsis Research through a Covid-19 lens – Are we failing? – Derek C. Angus
  2. The Resistance – Antimicrobial Resistance through a Covid19 lens – Elizabeth Hermsen
  3. Are the Covid19 and Sepsis Syndromes one and the same? – Simon Finfer
  4. Pandemic Sepsis and Inequality – Flavia Machado
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Inequity within the healthcare profession harms both providers and patients. Diverse teams have been shown to offer better care and improved productivity. The Coda community has the goal of developing achievable, sustainable and measurable actions (within the Ethics pillar) to tackle inequity within healthcare and disseminating these in 2022.

In order to take action we need to develop plans through a five-stage process:

  • Stage one: Identify; this is where the Ethics domain is currently, and seeks to identify potential actions
  • Stage Two: Review (expert); potential actions are examined by a global team of experts for the feasibility of application.
  • Stage three: Review (community); expert recommendations return to the community where they are proposed for modification and acceptance.
  • Stage four: Sharing; once accepted these expert designed but community modified actions begin the process of sharing or implementation.
  • Stage five: Measure; outcomes from implementing the actions are measured and assessed.

We have brought together a dynamic and diverse group of opinion leaders to launch this topic. Each conversation is both informative and highly engaging.

Coda ETHICS 2020

  1. Not someone else’s problem: Advocacy on gender inequity in healthcare – Kate Ahmad
  2. Complications of COVID-19: Exacerbation of existing gendered inequality – Elizabeth Broderick
  3. Equity, Education & Healthcare: What is the legacy of our eurocentric system? – Amy Thunig
  4. Racism with healthcare hurts us all – Lauren Powell

The pandemic has exposed and exacerbated many inequalities. What are the challenges? In the final conversation the panel proposes some powerful advice for our community action:

  • Speak up / don’t be a bystander: Become an activist
  • Human rights start at home: Educate our children
  • Read literature from authors with diverse experiences / cultures: We need insights into these lived experiences
  • Have tough conversations – discussions not debates
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Action Stage: Stage OneIdentify

Technology in medicine is advancing at pace, providing unparalleled opportunities to process information and to improve both outcomes and safety for healthcare. But with this good comes many challenges and even dangers. How can we better share information and distribute the opportunities equitably? What are the safety mechanisms and who is providing the oversight?

This episode of CodaZero is the first under the Educate pillar. It is the perfect opportunity to start examining the benefits and risks posed by rapidly changing technology within healthcare. The Educate pillar remains at the ‘identify’ stage of our staged action-plan development process. At this stage the conversations are just beginning and are designed to highlight possible area for further action.

Coda EDUCATE 2020

  1. Deep Learning – Pushing the boundaries of health AI. How do we make it fair and the data safe? with Martin Seneviratne
  2. What can Artificial Intelligence algorithms in healthcare learn from Indigenous cultures? with Megan Williams
  3. Has the COVID19 Pandemic been the death of Evidence Based Medicine or the birth of Evidence Based Agility? with Simon Carley
  4. Is the pandemic an extinction event for public interest journalism? with Melissa Sweet
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Action Stage: Stage OneIdentify

The Coda community have identified the Climate Emergency as the most urgent threat to global health. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that the climate crisis will become catastrophic if we don’t take action immediately.

We outline the urgency of the challenges that global healthcare faces and how as health professionals, we must sound the alarm for both our patients and for our children.
Conversation one dives into how gas is often positioned as a “safer transition fuel” when in fact it is completely unnecessary and a potential super-pollutant. The panel critically assesses the interrelationship of power, wealth and influence in government and how to overcome the sceptics in the fight for truth about the grave threat the #climateEmergency poses to health.

Then, we move on to how the climate crisis is exacerbating existing Injustice and Inequity, disproportionately impacting those patients without access to universal health care. Additionally our younger population and our children are the most likely to be affected by the climate emergency, however, they have limited power of persuasion in the crucial decisions that we make today, which will impact on their tomorrow.

Conversation three defines what sustainable healthcare is. Health care accounts for 5-7% of the global carbon emissions. The healthcare community and supporting industries must commit to Corporate Social Responsibility goals and demand products, packaging and materials which have a minimal impact on the environment. We need to consider the super-cycle of high turnover, disposable waste and to challenge ourselves to consider alternatives such as reusable gowns. The overall target must be NetZero by 2050!

Finally, we examine how the pandemic response has shown us the way forward for climate action. The first step of managing the pandemic was to stop the problem growing, similarly, the first step to combat the climate emergency is to stop the burning of fossil fuels. Then, we must build the capacity of our systems to adapt to the crisis, just as we built health capacity and finally we must search for the ‘climate vaccine’ which means drawing CO2 out of our atmosphere.

Our premise is first do no harm but “time is planet” and we need to get moving.

Coda EARTH 2020

  1. The Climate Emergency is a global healthcare emergency – But how bad is it? with Tim Flannery
  2. Is the Climate Emergency exacerbating social injustice and inequity? with Omnia El Omrani
  3. What is Sustainable Healthcare? with Michelle Fox
  4. Actions for Healthcare in the face of the Climate Emergency with Courtney Howard
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