COVID-19: Five valuable lessons

Episode 65: Five valuable lessons COVID-19 taught Intensive Care in 2020

This first podcast episode of 2021 is my attempt to put into perspective at least some of what has happened over the whirlwind of the last 12 months.

We can’t control what happens to us, yet we can control our actions in response to our circumstances and we can learn from our experience.

I feel like the whole experience of COVID has delivered a few important lessons for us as an Intensive Care community, so in this episode you’ll hear 5 valuable lessons I have been reflecting on.

In line with the theme of the podcast, I’ll concentrate on what Intensive Care has learnt, rather than humanity in general. And although 2020 involved much discussion about various drugs, ventilator settings and other interventions, my curiosity is the human side of things. I’ll therefore concentrate on how the novel coronavirus has affected us – as individual healthcare practitioners, as distinct ICUs, and as a greater intensive care community.

I am aware many of you are still struggling with overwhelming situations where you work and I understand there is still much more pandemic in front of us all. In the meantime, I hope you will take some solace from listening as I take you through the biggest lessons I feel COVID-19 has taught us in Intensive Care. None are unique to my thinking. None are rocket science. They are simply worth speaking about if only so you might reflect on what I’ve noticed from my own 2020 professional experience as we move into the next part of this pandemic and eventually beyond it.

I hope you’ll listen to the podcast to hear the 5 lessons in full. They relate to:

  • The human resources our ICUs contain
  • The general community’s perception of Intensive Care
  • The downside of harsh visitor restrictions
  • Healthcare worker safety, and
  • The future of Intensive Care education
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