ECG Case 072

This ECG is from a 49 year old. He self-presented to the emergency department with chest pain, initial ECG is below.

ECG Case 072

Describe and interpret this ECG


Initial 3 Complexes

  • Rate: ~65-68
  • Rhythm: Regular
  • Axis: Normal


  • PR – Normal (~160ms)
  • QRS – Normal (100ms)
  • QT – 400ms (QTc Bazette ~420-430 ms)


  • ST Depression I, II, III


  • P Wave Inversion Lead I


  • Ectopic Atrial Rhythm with ischaemic features

Subsequent ECG

  • Ventricular ectopic with ‘R-onT’ phenomenon
  • Polymorphic VT –> VF


  • Acute myocardial ischaemia / infarction causing polymorphic VT / VF


What happened next ?

  • CPR
  • Received 4 x 200J shocks
  • 150mg iv amiodarone
  • 100 mg iv lignocaine

Subsequent ROSC was achieved after < 10 minutes. Post ROSC ECG showed anterolateral ST elevation.The patient underwent inter-hospital transfer for PCI.PCI revealed a proximal LAD lesion with 90% occlusion, which was stented. 

Echo showed:

  • Normal LV size with anterior, septal and apical akinesis and overall moderate systolic impairment
  • Probable LV apical thrombus
  • Normal right ventricular size and apical akinesis and overall mild systolic impairment.

The patient was subsequently discharged on warfarin, anti-platelet therapy, ACE inhibitor, beta-blocker, and a statin.


Things to think about

  • The role of early revascularisation with thrombolysis prior to inter-hospital transfer
  • The role of lignocaine/lidocaine in shock refractory VT/VF
  • Several International Guidelines on ALS are linked to below and the recommendations on the use of lignocaine vary between guidelines

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