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Clinical cases and self assessment to enhance interpretation skills through ECG problems. Preparation for examinations. Refresh basics with the ECG Library Basics; the ECG Exam template; ECG Differential diagnosis; or ECG A-Z by diagnosis and Killer ECG patterns

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ECG Quiz Library 120BRASH, bradycardia, renal failure, shock, hypotension
ECG Quiz Library 119RVOT, VT, tachycardia, Right ventricular outflow tract obstruction
ECG Quiz Library 118hyperkalemia, brugada, pseudo-brugada
ECG Quiz Library 117Arruda, Milstein, WPW, Wolf-Parkinson-White, Pre-excitation
ECG Quiz Library 116Wellens syndrome, deep anterolateral T-wave inversion, critical LAD stenosis
ECG Quiz Library 115QRS fragmentation
ECG Quiz Library 114T wave memory, pre-excitation, Wolff-Parkinson-White, WPW,
ECG Quiz Library 113SAH, STEMI, subarachnoid haemorrhage, Inferior STEMI with lead reversal with SAH
ECG Quiz Library 112Pre-excited AF, WPW, wolff-parkinson-white
ECG Quiz Library 111RV pacing wire through PFO with RBBB morphology and CXR
ECG Quiz Library 110Cardiac myoplasty, CRT, Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy, Cardiomyoplasty
ECG Quiz Library 109regularised AF, digoxin toxicity, chronic digoxin, hyperkalaemia, hyperkalemia, stone heart
ECG Quiz Library 108CHB, complete, bifascicular, trifascicular,
ECG Quiz Library 107PPM Failure to capture, pacemaker, malfunction
ECG Quiz Library 106cardioversion, DC, DCCV, T-wave memory
ECG Quiz Library 105SVT, aberrancy, RBBB, LAD, fascicular VT, supraventricular tachycardia
ECG Quiz Library 104PE, PTE, pulmonary embolus, ACS
ECG Quiz Library 103posterior STEMI, AMI, V7-9, posterior leads, mirror image, dominant R wave
ECG Quiz Library 102sah, subarachnoid, TWI, deep t waves, neurogenic T inversion
ECG Quiz Library 101hypokalaemia, hypokalemia, prolonged QT, long QT, QTc, tdp, torsades
ECG Quiz Library 100SCAD, LAD, post partum, pregnancy, de winter wave
ECG Quiz Library 099Left ventricular hypertrophy, LVH, athlete, cardiomyopathy, ARVC, Mobitx II, PVC
ECG Quiz Library 098Left ventricular hypertrophy, LVH, athlete, bodybuilder, analbolic steroid, clenbuterol
ECG Quiz Library 097Alternating pre-excitation, left sided AP
ECG Quiz Library 096Severe alkalosis, metabolic alkalaemia, QT prolongation, QTc long
ECG Quiz Library 095dextrocardia, lead reversal, LA/RA. Kartagener
ECG Quiz Library 094San Francisco Syncope Rule, CHESS, bifascicular, trifascicular, OESIL Rule, trifasicular block
ECG Quiz Library 093SVT, pediatrics, paediatric, NCT, narrow complex tachycardia, 50 mm/s
ECG Quiz Library 092Intermittent Pre-Excitation, wpw, wolff, parkinson, white, wolff-parkinson-white
ECG Quiz Library 091CHB, complete heart block, inferior STEMI
ECG Quiz Library 0902:1 AV block, RBBB, LAFB, ventriculophasic sinus arrhythmia, VPSA
ECG Quiz Library 089Anterolateral STEMI with bigeminy, PVC, premature, lateral STEMI, myocardial infarction
ECG Quiz Library 088Bradycardia, AF, J wave, QT prolongation, hypothermia, hyperkalaemia, osborn wave
ECG Quiz Library 087Apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, AHCM
ECG Quiz Library 086digoxin, calcium metoprolol, stone heart, toxicity
ECG Quiz Library 085de winter, de winter's, t wave
ECG Quiz Library 084Sgarbossa, LBBB, PPM, left bundle, STEMI
ECG Quiz Library 083Takotsubo, Tako tsubo, Tako-tsubo, Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy, cholecystitis, biliary sepsis
ECG Quiz Library 082pediatric, paediatric, SVT, supraventricular tachycardia,
ECG Quiz Library 081pseudonormalisation, STEMI, wellens
ECG Quiz Library 080brugada, downsloping, aicd, defibrillator
ECG Quiz Library 079AV block, 2nd degree, atrioventriicular block, pacemaker, DDD, VVI
ECG Quiz Library 078lead reversal, LA/LL, reversal, limb lead
ECG Quiz Library 077escape bigeminy, bradycardia
ECG Quiz Library 076long QT, QTc, toxicology, torsades de pointes, quetiapine, citalopram
ECG Quiz Library 075LMCA, aVR elevation
ECG Quiz Library 074hypothermia, J wave, osborn, osborne
ECG Quiz Library 073Pediatric WPW, Wolff, Parkinson, White, paediatric
ECG Quiz Library 018adenosine, SVT, atrial flutter, Lewis lead, 2:1, flutter, adenosine
ECG Quiz Library 072R on T, polymorphic VT, VF, lidocaine, lignocaine

ECG Quiz Library 001

RV infarction, STEMI, RCA, v4r

ECG Quiz Library 002

AF, Atrial fibrillation, EWPW, LBBB,

ECG Quiz Library 003

hyperkalemia, hyperkalaemia, potassium, bradycardia, LBBB

ECG Quiz Library 004

tricyclic antidepressant, TCA, RAD, camel hump, 1st degree block, QRS broadening

ECG Quiz Library 005

Hyperacute T wave, ST elevation, STEMI, Wellens, wellen's, critical LAD stenosis

ECG Quiz Library 006

biphasic T wave, wellens, hypokalemia, hypokalaemia, QU interval

ECG Quiz Library 007

Sinus tachycardia, biphasic T, ST elevation, RV strain, RVH, hypertrophy, dominant R wave in V1, RAD, RBBB

ECG Quiz Library 008

Widespread ST depression, ST elevation in aVR, ventricular tachycardia., VT, LMCA, Rate-related ischaemia SVT

ECG Quiz Library 009

Hyperacute anterolateral STEMI, VEB, ventricular ectopic beats, hyperacute T waves

ECG Quiz Library 010

Osborn wave, J wave, hypothermia, sinus bradycardia

ECG Quiz Library 011

pericardial effusion, Sinus tachycardia, Low QRS voltages, Electrical alternans, Ultrasound Podcast

ECG Quiz Library 012

subarachnoid haemorrhage, SAH, cerebral T waves, intracerebral haemorrhage, QT prolongation

ECG Quiz Library 013

RSR’ pattern, broad complex tachycardia, Ventricular tachycardia, VT, Northwest axis, Taller left rabbit ear

ECG Quiz Library 014

STEMI, posterior, flip ECG, Inferior STEMI, Dominant R wave in V2 (R/S ratio > 1), infero-postero-latera

ECG Quiz Library 015

Posterior leads V7-9, V7, V8, V9, posterior STEMI

ECG Quiz Library 016

Narrow complex tachycardia, SVT, Pseudo R’ waves

ECG Quiz Library 017

Narrow complex tachycardia, SVT, Pseudo R’ waves, AVNRT

ECG Quiz Library 019

ST depression in V2-5, rocket-shaped T wave, De Winter T wave

ECG Quiz Library 020

tachycardia-bradycardia syndrome, sick sinus

ECG Quiz Library 021

COPD, CAL, pulmonary disease, vertical heart

ECG Quiz Library 022

nomogram, QT prolongation, QTc, tdp, torsades, anticholinergic, Sinus tachycardia

ECG Quiz Library 023

nomogram, QT prolongation, QTc, tdp, torsades, stolol, beta-blocker, Sinus tachycardia

ECG Quiz Library 024

lead reversal, dextrocardia, RAD, Right axis, dominant S wave

ECG Quiz Library 025

lead reversal, dextrocardia,

ECG Quiz Library 026

anterolateral AMI, anterior MI, tombstones, STEMI

ECG Quiz Library 027

hyperkalaemia, hyperkalemia, QRS prolongation, Sine wave, Peaked T wave

ECG Quiz Library 028

RSR’ pattern, coved, ST Elevation, Inversion of the terminal portion of the T wave, Brugada syndrome

ECG Quiz Library 029

Wenchebach, Mobitz I, 2nd degree AV block

ECG Quiz Library 030

Atrial tachycardia, ventricular bigeminy, high-grade AV block, VEB, automaticity, digitalis, Regularised AF

ECG Quiz Library 031

hypokalemia, hypokalaemia, TDP, torsades des pointes, QU interval

ECG Quiz Library 032

pericarditis, PR depression, downward sloping of the TP segment, Spodick’s sign

ECG Quiz Library 033

multifocal atrial tachycardia, MAT, COPD, RVH, right ventricular hypertrophy, RAD, narrow-complex tachycardia

ECG Quiz Library 034

LAD occlusion, RBBB, Anteroseptal STEMI, AMI, ST elevation, Reciprocal ST depression

ECG Quiz Library 035

Twiddler's Syndrome, failure to capture, pacemaker malfunction

ECG Quiz Library 036

high lateral STEMI, ST elevation I, aVL, reciprocal ST depression II, III and aVF, first diagonal branch (D1) of the LAD

ECG Quiz Library 037

short PR interval, < 120ms, Broad QRS, Delta waves, type B, Dominant S wave

ECG Quiz Library 038

antidromic AV reentry tachycardia, WPW, LBBB,

ECG Quiz Library 039

infero-postero-lateral STEMI, ST elevation, Reciprocal ST depression, right ventricular infarction

ECG Quiz Library 040

Accelerated idioventricular rhythm (AIVR), Sinus bradycardia with sinus arrhythmia

ECG Quiz Library 041

dilated cardiomyopathy, HCM, HOCM, RAD, LVH, LAE, LAH, Peaked P wave

ECG Quiz Library 042

Narrow complex tachycardia, flutter, AV block, Sawtooth

ECG Quiz Library 043

2nd degree AV block, fixed ratio blocks, Mobitz I, Mobitz II

ECG Quiz Library 044

CHB, Lev, Lenegre, ventricular escape rhythm, RBBB, complete heart block

ECG Quiz Library 045

ventricular paced rhythm, Sgarbossa criteria

ECG Quiz Library 046

VT, RBBB, dominant R wave V1, Dominant S wave V6, ventricular tachycardia

ECG Quiz Library 047

VT, LBBB, dominant S wave V1, qR wave Josephson sign, ventricular tachycardia

ECG Quiz Library 048

RVOT, SVT, LBBB, Inferior axis, right ventricular outflow-tract tachycardia, broad-complex tachycardia

ECG Quiz Library 049

Magnet Mode, Pacemaker Mediated Tachycardia, PMT, monitor

ECG Quiz Library 050

sine wave, hyperkalaemia, hyperkalemia, Bradycardia, Bizarre, QRS prolongation, peaked T wave

ECG Quiz Library 051

pediatric, paediatric, normal, ECG

ECG Quiz Library 052

biphasic T wave, wellen, hypokalaemia, hypokalemia

ECG Quiz Library 053

sawtooth, flutter, AV block, atrial fibrillation, AF, variable block

ECG Quiz Library 054

regularised AF, digoxin toxicity, accelerated junctional rhythm, tremor artefact

ECG Quiz Library 055

TCA toxicity, TCA overdose, pseudo Brugada, R in aVR, Prolonged PR, long QT, brugada-like, Broad QRS

ECG Quiz Library 056

TCA toxicity, TCA overdose, pseudo Brugada, R in aVR, Prolonged PR, long QT, brugada-like, Broad QRS

ECG Quiz Library 057

ventricular paced rhythm, Sgarbossa criteria, inferior STEMI, ventricular flutter

ECG Quiz Library 058

Pseudo-normalisation of T wave, left ventricular LV aneurysm, old anterolateral infarction, biphasic T wave

ECG Quiz Library 059

long QT syndrome, HCM, HOCM, cardiomyopathy ROSC, VF arrest, ventricular fibrillation, return of spontaneous circulation, post arrest

ECG Quiz Library 060

SQTS, short QT syndrome, paroxysmal atrial and ventricular fibrillation

ECG Quiz Library 061

Wellens syndrome, deep anterolateral T-wave inversion, critical LAD stenosis

ECG Quiz Library 062

De Winter T wave, rocket-shaped, ST elevation in aVR

ECG Quiz Library 063

Low voltage, Myxoedema, massive pericardial effusion

ECG Quiz Library 064

right ventricular infarction, RVI, ST elevation

ECG Quiz Library 065

right coronary artery occlusion, RV infarction, right ventricualr infarction, inferior STEMI

ECG Quiz Library 066

posterior V7, V8, V9, V7-9, posterior infarction, infero-posterior STEMI, posterior STEMI, Posterior AMI, V7-9 ST elevation

ECG Quiz Library 067

posterior V7, V8, V9, V7-9, posterior infarction, infero-posterior STEMI, posterior STEMI, Posterior AMI, V7-9 ST elevation

ECG Quiz Library 068

ST elevation in aVR, anteroseptal STEMI, STE in aVR, LMCA / proximal LAD occlusion, subendocardial ischaemia

ECG Quiz Library 069

raised intracranial pressure, ICP, diffuse ST elevation, mimic myocardial ischaemia, u wave, cerebral T waves, Cushing reflex

ECG Quiz Library 070

RAD, RVH, pulmonary embolism, Dominant R wave in V1, SI QIII TIII pattern, acute right heart strain

ECG Quiz Library 071

QRS alternans, AVNRT, electrical phenomenon

ECG Quiz Library 073

ECG Quiz Library 074

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