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ECG Case 121

This characteristic ECG pattern should be in every critical care practitioner's knowledge base as a STEMI-equivalent, regardless of the magnitude of ST-segment changes seen
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Ultrasound Case 107

A middle aged man presents with a painful, bruised swollen penis after feeling a sharp snap and pain during sexual intercourse. This resulted in immediate detumescence, swelling and pain.
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Ultrasound Case 105

A 22 year old man presents anxious he has noted a swelling in his scrotum. It is bigger when he stands up, and feels like a bag of worms.
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Ultrasound Case 104

A 33 year old woman is hit in the left lower chest with a high speed hockey ball. She has moderate pain and some postural hypotension and tachycardia. FAST demonstrates a splenic laceration and rupture with free fluid, she has a CT and proceeds for embolisation.
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Ultrasound Case 102

Presentation A 19 year old woman presents with LUQ pain post minor trauma. Your registrar comes to you with this clip concerned they have found a supcapsular splenic haematoma. What do you think? Describe and interpret these scans