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Has the COVID19 Pandemic been the death of Evidence Based Medicine or the birth of Evidence Based Agility? with Simon Carley

We can have all the evidence in the world in healthcare but at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make there is ‘us’. The Pandemic has seen an incredibly accelerated understanding of Covid19, a virus none of us had heard of before January 2020, but it has seen a change in how Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) is processed and presented. The ‘E’ continues to represent ‘Evidence’ but the ‘B’ has become ‘Belief’ and the ‘M’ is now ‘Media’.

Under the pressure of the pandemic we in healthcare have believed there is a need to act on levels of evidence that pre-Covid we would have thought irrational. So we must adapt our traditional model of EBM to the pace of now and make it faster and more adaptive to become “EBA” or Evidence Based Agility.

We need to have the ability to rapidly filter out the good quality evidence and find ways to translate that into practice. However we must also be agile enough so that if the next month we find the evidence has changed we can admit we were wrong and move on – This has not been a feature of EBM in the past where there has been a lot of inertia.

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Simon Carley is Professor of Emergency Medicine from Manchester, England working in both adult and paediatric trauma centres. He is editor in chief and co-founder of the St Emlyn’s blog and podcast; co-founder of BestBets and the MSc in emergency medicine at Manchester Metropolitan University; and Associate Editor for the Emergency Medicine Journal. Research interests include diagnostics, MedEd, Major incidents & Evidence based Emergency Medicine.

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