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Is the pandemic an extinction event for public interest journalism? with Melissa Sweet

Public interest media is vital. However, there is a crisis in public interest journalism and it is not new, but some believe the pandemic may be an extinction event for this discipline. Global media power and wealth have become concentrated into a handful of tech giants.

This concentration of power and its’ inherent biases not only poses a threat to public interest journalism but also to global health through medical misinformation. This dystopian concept is rapidly becoming reality and perhaps the only way to overcome this is through connection….

Connecting with those that think differently and challenge our beliefs. If we stay in the echo chamber of our polarized media we will not overcome this problem and it will become the end-game. We must get out of the echo chambers of our polarized media. We must get over our affronts and offences in order to listen. We must lean into these voices and realize that we all have something to learn.

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Dr Melissa Sweet is Managing Editor of Croakey.org and a founding director of the non-profit public interest journalism organisation, Croakey Health Media. Melissa is a public health journalist and the author/co-author of several health-related books. She holds an honorary position as adjunct senior lecturer in the Sydney School of Public Health at the University of Sydney.

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