Eye Essentials For Every Doctor

Eye Essentials For Every Doctor

Eye Essentials For Every Doctor (2013) is a paperback handbook providing a concise overview of common eye conditions. It comprises 255 A5-sized pages and is designed for daily use by non-ophthalmologists such as GPs, junior doctors and medical students. Available in kindle paperback edition only.

Each chapter focuses on one specific symptom: visual loss, red eye, and eye trauma for example, and is neatly divided into clear subsections. These include an overview of the problem, clinical features, diagnostic flow charts, referral guidelines, and a summary of crucial points. The book also contains dedicated chapters on examination of the eye (which includes basic anatomy and physiology), basic eye procedures, and screening for eye disease.

Authors – Anthony Pane and Peter Simcock

Eye Essentials For Every Doctor is a straightforward quick reference tool and proves easy to navigate. I particularly like its compact size, clear format, and regular emphasis of key information to ensure that critical eye conditions are not missed. The colour photographs are especially useful for identifying eye signs and formulating diagnoses. In addition the diagnostic flow charts are of great clinical value and can be used to assess patients as they sit in front of you. This, I feel, represents the greatest strength of the book.

As someone with a passion for ophthalmology I would welcome more detailed management guidelines such as specific drug therapies and doses, although I appreciate this falls largely outside the scope of the book. In addition, a more comprehensive section on further reading, that includes online resources, might satisfy those with a greater appetite for learning. These minor criticisms do not detract from an otherwise accomplished publication.In summary, this is a simple resource that guides readers through common eye problems in a structured and informative way.

Medical students will find it particularly useful during clinical attachments as an adjunct to more detailed textbooks. It is also suitable for use by GPs and emergency medicine doctors as a quick reference for real-time diagnosis and decision-making. Although not aimed at ophthalmology trainees, this book should be within easy reach of all other doctors who frequently encounter patients with eye disease.

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