Heinrich Albers-Schönberg

Heinrich Ernst Albers-Schönberg (1865 – 1921)

Heinrich Ernst Albers-Schönberg (1865 – 1921) was a German radiologist.

The first university professor of radiology in Germany. Co-founder of the journal ‘Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete der Röntgenstrahlen‘ and founder of ‘Deutschen Röntgengesellschaft‘ in 1905. His major textbook Die Röntgentechnik, described radiographic techniques and was translated into Italian and Russian.

Eponymously affiliated with autosomal dominant osteopetrosis type II (Albers-Schönberg disease) described in 1904


  • Born 21 January 1865 Hamburg, Germany
  • 1891 – Graduated medicine University of Tübingen, University of Leipzig
  • 1892 – Allgemeines Krankenhaus Hamburg-Eppendorf
  • 1897 – Set up radiology practice with Georg Deycke (1865-1938) and co-founded the journal: ‘Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete der Röntgenstrahlen
  • 1903 – Radiologist, Hamburg Hospital
  • 1904 – Grand Prize at the World’s Fair in St Louis for clarity in his diagnostic X-ray images
  • 1905 – Head Radiologist, Hamburg Hospital
  • 1908 – Early days of radiology were dangerous. He suffered radiation-induced neoplasia in his hands, chest, and shoulder. His right middle finger and left arm were amputated
  • 1915 – Head Radiologist, Allgemeines Krankenhaus St Georg, Hamburg
  • 1915 – Ordentlicher (first full professor of radiology), University of Hamburg
  • Died 6 June 1921 Hamburg, Germany

Medical Eponyms


In 1915, Heinrich Ernst Albers-Schönberg (1865 – 1921) described the case of a 22 year old male in whom roentgen examination revealed numerous minute lesions in all bones except the skull, spine, scapula, patella and clavicle. Lesions were located chiefly in the epiphyses and diaphyses and appeared as minute oval areas of condensation, usually with the long axis in the direction of the long axis of the bone. Their size varied from that of the head of a pin to that of a pea. They were sometimes so numerous as to make the bone look spotted in the roentgenogram. Albers-Schönberg gave the disease the name “osteopoikilie

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