Henri-Louis Roger

Henri-Louis Roger (1809-1891) was a French paediatrician.

Roger is eponymously affiliated with the Bruit de Roger (Roger’s murmur) and Maladie de Roger (Roger’s disease) – a congenital, small, asymptomatic defect of the septum between the ventricles of the heart.

In 1879, Roger concluded (based on very few of his own cases) that patients with the murmur associated with ventricular septal defect demonstrated striking physical signs but no symptoms. Roger was the first to correlate the clinical and pathological findings of interventricular septal defect.

  • Born on January 6, 1809, in Paris, France
  • 1833 – Began internship at hospitals in Paris
  • 1839 – Achieved his doctorate with a dissertation titled De l’auscultation et se valeur semiologique. This described auscultation and the diagnosis of chest diseases based on rales.
  • 1847 – Became agrégé (professional standing) at the medical faculty of Paris
  • 1860 – Commenced at the Hôpital Sainte-Eugénie
  • 1862 – Elected into Académie de Médecine (Academy of Medicine)
  • 1876 – President of the General Association of Medicine of France
  • 1880 – Elected President of Académie de Médecine
  • Died on November 15, 1891

Medical Eponyms
Bruit de Roger (Roger’s murmur) (1879)

Holosystolic murmur associated with ventricular septal defect. Roger provided the first clinicopathological overview, through the correlation of his autopsy findings of interventricular defects with the murmurs previously documented in patients’ records.

… a murmur loud and long; it is single, begins at systole and is prolonged so as to hide the natural tic-tac; it has its maximum… in the upper third of the precordial region; it is median, like the septum itself

Roger 1879

Maladie de Roger (Roger’s disease)

Congenital, small, asymptomatic defect of the septum between the ventricles of the heart.

However the Maladie de Roger is a misnomer: The view of Roger (1879), that all lone ventricular septal defects produced striking physical signs but no symptoms, was limited by the circumstances of his time, but was a widely accepted medical error.

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