Joseph Guichard Duverney

Joseph Guichard Duverney (1648-1730)

Joseph Guichard Duverney (1648-1730) was a French Anatomist and Surgeon.

Anatomist of some renown – 1681, he dissected an elephant before king Louis XIV in 1681. Considered to be the first French otologist of the 17th century and one of the first European otologists.

Duverney published one of the first complete works on otology – Traité de l’organe de l’ouïe in 1683, discussing the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the ear. Translated into many languages and a key reference book for the 17th and 18th century

In 1683, Duverney identified a temporal bone tumor, believed to be the earliest description of cholesteatoma. Maladies des os (“Diseases of the bones”) was published posthumously in 1751 and includes a description of the eponymous ‘Duverney fracture’ [284-285] and the first full description of osteoporosis


  • Born 5 August 1648
  • 1667 – medical doctorate in Avignon, France
  • 1682 – Professor of anatomy at Jardin du Roi
  • Died 10 September 1730

Medical Eponyms

  • Duverney fracture – fracture of the iliac wing which is not associated with any other pelvic fractures
  • Bartholin gland: Duverney first described ‘vulvovaginal glands’ in cattle in 1676. His student Caspar Bartholin the Younger (1655 – 1738) formalised the finding in the human female (Bartholin gland) in 1677


  • Alternative spelling – Joseph-Guichard Du Verney

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