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ECG Library visual tracking 340

VT versus SVT: It’s as easy as ABCDE – but is it really that easy? Rob Buttner introduces us  to five quick, simple questions to ask yourself when trying to work out this challenging conundrum.

LITFL Top 100 CT scans

CT case 001. The latest in the Top 100 clinical cases series makes it foundling debut. Clinicians from the Liverpool Hospital in Sydney detail a clinical scenario, radiographic images with their interpretation and pearls in clinical context.

CCC Critical Care Compendium 680

Aerosol generating procedures came heavily under the spotlight during the covid pandemic. The CCC update give us a one stop review on everything relating to aerosol generating procedures.

Latest updates from the #FOAMed world

The patient with a proptosed eye staring at us, and rapidly loosing their vision needs an urgent lateral canthotomy by the emergency department not the ophthalmologist. Justin over at First10EM gives us a new one snip approach to help us master this procedure and restore the eye and vision back to its rightful spot.

The febrile and agitated patient can often lead us to cognitively start anchoring on the sympathomimetic cause’s, but don’t be fooled by the storming thyroid. EMOttawa this gives a jammed pack post covering thyroid storm, bringing us back to the basics of its pathophysiology then gives us the pearls so we don’t miss this diagnosis or mismanage it.

Unless you work in paediatric emergency medicine, neck of femur fractures are bread and butter adult emergency medicine. The team over at The Resus Room on this month podcast run us through from the pre-hospital management through to in-hospital management and how to identify and mange these both clinically and radiologically- a nice refresher.

Blast injuries can affect up to 8% of children living in conflict and war zones. Andrew Tagg prepares us to manage these challenging encounters on a recent DFTB post looking at this from blast lung through to blast ear and bowel injuries, and much more in this comprehensive review.


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