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Abdominal CT pathology – Section 5 in the Medmastery series with 7 new chapters evaluating the abdominal organs, bowel, peritoneum and abdominal vascular structures.

Mastering-Intensive-Care MIC 340

Mastering Intensive Care 080 with Tub Worthley – A pioneering “Grand Master” of intensive care. Retired from active clinical intensive care practice in 2009 although his legacy remains through his prolific writing of scientific papers, editorials and books

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Neuroimaging cases 001: Dr Andrew Perron, creator of the “blood can be very bad” Head CT interpretation framework, joins us as guest author of the first of the neuroimaging case studies.

Latest updates from the #FOAMed world

The paediatric resus room is often a cluster of stress, decision making and cognitive overload for us. DFTB take us through some pearls on developing our human factor skills in the ED to overcome these challenges.

CAR T- cell therapy is one of the new treatments around to treat and modify malignant T-Cells, however these patients can develop cytokine release syndrome. This short podcast by the team at emDOCS gives us the ins and out of managing these patients.

The guru of all things EM Resuscitation Mike Winters shares a very personal story about anaphylaxis and gives us an approach to mastering this condition in the resus room this week on CriticalCareNow.

To finish off this week’s post Emergency Medicine Case talks us through a review of the not so sexy topic of STI’s.


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