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Haemorrhage Control Part 1 680

Cliff Reid is back at it— this time taking us through the principles of haemorrhage control [Part 1] and [Part 2]. With his easy-to-follow cognitive aids, he guides us through treating the most challenging of bleeding cases.

AI in Healthcare LITFL 680

What is AI and how does it work? Here we take a quick look at two important aspects of AI, natural language processing and machine learning, that provide key insights into how AI works and point to some examples in healthcare.

Urgent care flow 680

Stevan Bruijns is speaking urgent care flow fluently. He highlights some important new ideas and provides a fresh perspective on old concepts—great for executive teams, operational teams, and urgent care leaders.

Latest updates from the #FOAMed world

In this podcast from Emergency Medicine Cases, Anton is joined by EM and intensivist-trained Dr. Bourke Tillmann and Dr. Scott Weingart to explore both an approach to life-threatening and non-life-threatening haemoptysis.

When REBOA hit our trauma bays, we were hoping it was the answer to stopping the exsanguinating pelvic bleeder. This review from TheBottomLine reveals it’s not the solution we were all hoping for. Let’s see what future evidence brings us with this device.

The American Heart Association 2023 Guidelines for managing cardiac arrest or life-threatening toxicity due to poisoning were recently released. This post from EmDocs will focus on the key parts of the guidelines that affect ED evaluation and management.

ALiEM hits us up with the Top 7 Trauma Blog posts from the FOAMed world over the past 12 months.


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