Love the therapeutic clunk

I love a good therapeutic clunk.

So does Billy Mallon and he has a knack of unearthing new ways of reducing joints, usually saving your back in the process.

At Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2012, he spoke of the interlocking hands technique of reducing elbows. He’s been doing for about five years but there is no literature on it and until today, no video of it anywhere on the interwebs.

At Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2011, he introduced most punters to the Whistler technique of reducing hips.

In 2010, he mentioned the Cunningham technique for reducing anterior shoulder dislocations. But, for those of us who aren’t shoulder whisperers, here’s the Spaso technique. Billy didn’t show me this one, Spaso did.

Thank you Billy, Spaso and the iPhone.

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