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Lelli Test

Lelli test or Lever test designed by Alessandro Lelli, Italian surgeon clinical test to diagnose Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) disruption.
Alessandro Lelli Italian Orthopaedic Surgeon 340

Alessandro Lelli

Alessandro Lelli - Italian orthopaedic surgeon specialising in knee arthroscopy and reconstructive surgery. Eponym: Lelli test (Lever test) Knee ACL
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Simmonds-Thompson Test

Simmonds-Thompson Test for evaluating achilles tendon rupture. Also known as the Simmonds Test (F.A. Simmonds) or Thompson Test (T. Campbell Thompson)

Franklin Adin Simmonds

Franklin Adin 'Sam' Simmonds (1910–1983) British orthopaedic surgeon. Simmonds-Thompson Test for Achilles tendon rupture with TC Thompson (1902-1986)
Ernest Amory Codman (1869 – 1940) 340

Ernest Amory Codman

Ernest Amory Codman (1869-1940) was an American surgeon. Founder of an 'end results system' to track the outcomes of patient treatments.
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Hoffmann-Tinel sign

Description Hoffmann-Tinel sign is paresthesia in the distal cutaneous distribution of an injured peripheral nerve evoked by tapping on the nerve more proximally. The sign indicates the compression or regeneration of peripheral nerve fibers. In modern parlance, the Tinel sign…
Paul Hoffmann (1884-1962) 340

Paul Hoffmann

Paul Hoffmann (1884-1962) was a German physiologist and physician. Known for describing Hoffmann-Tinel sign for assessment of nerve regeneration and success of nerve sutures.