Marino Ortolani

Marino Ortolani (1904 – 1983)

Marino Ortolani (1904 – 1983) was an Italian pediatrician.

Professor Marino Ortolani revolutionized the management of Italian pediatric wards. He studied the pathoanatomy of hip instability; developed a test for hip instability in the infant (1936); and promoted early diagnosis of this condition to the medical community.

Eponymously affiliated with the Ortolani sign and test first presented to the Accademia delle Scienze di Ferrara (the Academy of Sciences in Ferrara) in 1936.

Through his career Ortolani published 31 articles on the subject of hip dysplasia and developed various braces to treat the infants with hip instability. In 1952 Ortolani produced a movie about the examination and treatment of hip dysplasia which was translated into many languages to promote early diagnosis and treatment of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH)

  • Born 25 July 1904
  • Died 1983

Medical Eponyms
Ortolani sign and test (1936)

Major Publications
  • Ortolani M. Un segno poco noto e sua importanza per la diagnosi precoce di prelussazione congenita dell’anca. La Pediatria, 1937;2: 129.
  • Ortolani M. La lussazione congenita dell’anca. Nuovi criteri diagnostici e profilattico-correttivi. Bologna, Capelli, 1948



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