Mastering Intensive Care 039 Best of 2018

Happy New Year. Here’s hoping 2019 is a great one for you.

Mastering Intensive Care is aimed to inspire and empower you, as an intensive care clinician, to bring your best self to the ICU, through conversations with thought-provoking guests. I think there’s a gap in education on the topics we cover on this show and hopefully you find my guests useful.

During the Christmas/New Year period I listened to all of the episodes I published in 2018. This allowed me to learn what I can do better as a podcaster and to package up the best bits of a year’s worth of podcasts into something I think is valuable on its own. It truly astounds me how extraordinary the advice, perspectives and stories of my guests are and I hope you find something to help you in most episodes.

I couldn’t include all 2018 guests on this episode so I picked the best excerpts in my humble opinion. I am sorry if I chose a guest (or left out a guest) that you would not have. If you’ve heard them before it should jog your memory. If you missed some of the episodes it helps you to catch up on them. If you are a new listener this is a flavour of what this show is all about.

I hope you enjoy what I see to be a crash course of what we covered during 2018 and one that can help you to bring your best self to work in 2019.

Thanks for listening.

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Dr Andrew Davies MBBS FRACP FCIC. Intensivist/researcher at Frankston Hospital, Melbourne. Aiming to bring my best self to work & life. | Mastering Intensive Care | New Normal project |

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