Mastering Intensive Care 050 with Andrew Davies

To celebrate the 50 episode milestone, podcast host and intensivist Andrew Davies (yes that’s me) is in the spotlight.

Having started the show to learn perspectives that could help me, as well as you, to be better and more human healthcare professionals, I’ve published 49 episodes with some amazing guests. Based on many of you asking for this, I finally plucked up the courage and switched the microphones so I’m the one being interviewed.

I also had the very difficult task of picking an interviewer and eventually chose my good friend, Neil Orford, who was one of the early, and very popular, guests on the show. He got the gig because he and I usually have outstanding conversations based mostly around Neil’s curiosity and his interest in things that aren’t the “bread and butter” topics of Intensive Care.

Neil asks me about all sorts of topics including:

  • What’s changed as I’ve done the previous 49 episodes
  • The common themes I’ve identified on the show
  • How I incorporate kindness, compassion and a team approach to my work
  • Some reflections on ward rounds I lead
  • Showing respect to the ICU team
  • My thoughts on listening
  • Transitioning from a tertiary ICU to a smaller ICU
  • Why I pivoted from an academic career to a focus on podcasting and wellness
  • My advice about wellness for Intensive Care practitioners
  • What I think are the key planks for my health and wellbeing
  • Some thoughts on moderation and tolerance
  • Whether I still enjoy being an intensivist
  • What my life might look like in 5 years
  • And my thoughts on the future of Intensive Care
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Dr Andrew Davies MBBS FRACP FCIC. Intensivist/researcher at Frankston Hospital, Melbourne. Aiming to bring my best self to work & life. | Mastering Intensive Care | New Normal project |

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