Moore fracture

Moore fracture: fracture of the lower end of the radius with dislocation of the head of the ulna and entrapment of the ulna styloid process under the annular ligaments.

Edward Mott Moore (1814 – 1902)

Described first in 1872 by Edward Mott Moore (1814 – 1902) an American Surgeon.

Edward Mott Moore Biography

  • Born 1814 Rahway, New Jersey
  • 1838 – MD, University of Pennsylvania
  • 1856-1882 Professor of surgery at University of Buffalo
  • 1884 – President of the American Surgical Association
  • 1886 – New York State Medical Association
  • 1890 – President of the American Medical Association
  • Died 4 March 1902

Major Publications


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