NeuroResus is a FOAMed educational resource which defines, describes and elaborates on the practical management of all neurological emergencies.

NeuroResus is designed and run by Dr Oliver Flower with content peer reviewed by Australian physicians and nurses with expertise in critical care specialties including intensive care, emergency medicine, neurology and neurosurgery. The passionate and dedicated creators of NeuroResus have a global focus of providing free and open access content.

What is NeuroResus and how does it work?

NeuroResus provides an interactive, education focused and practical series of evidence-based modules. Each of the 11 modules provides a fundamental overview of the condition, pathophysiology and diagnostic/grading criteria. Attention is maintained by enmeshing a case study with interactive questions and answers throughout the subject matter. The user is guided through the principals involved in the initial resuscitation, through to comprehensive and definitive management required in the intensive care unit.  

Who is this designed for?

NeuroResus content is designed for all healthcare professionals involved in the management of critically unwell patients, experiencing neurological emergencies. The simple language and easy to access modules are perfect for all levels of education and learning from students and trainees to specialists. The content is practical and clinically relevant throughout.


NeuroResus provides the option to view all course content with or without registering a free account. Registration allows the user to complete a quiz at the completion of each module (>80% required to pass each module..) and save progress allowing the user to work through the course at their desired pace. At course completion, the registered user will receive a certificate of completion for CPE/CME purposes


I loved the interactive approach with videos, examples and case scenarios which I found highly engaging. Registering (for free) is encouraged as you are able to attack the modules at your own pace and order.

NeuroResus Module Structure

Here are the 11 modules with content structure and external links to NeuroResus to start your learning journey

Reference List:

RN, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.  Coronary Care Unit // Emergency Department. Keen interest in critical and pre hospital care.

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