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We hear from passionate advocates in different medical fields, as they impart wisdom and discuss how we can all work to be advocates for what we believe in.

As healthcare workers, we constantly work together as a team.

We need to utilise that teamwork to stand up for what we believe in.

The Podcast

Rob Gore

I am a happy wandering, emergency physician from the Planet Brooklyn. I’m a health nut not because I like the way health food tastes (some of it tastes good) but because I’m trying to hold off prematurely becoming a patient (I’ve got a lot of things I want to do).In my free time, when I’m not annoying my amazing wife or snowboarding, I study Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and run a program called KAVI, which focuses on changing the narrative of violent trauma.

Brian Owler

Prof Brian Owler AM is a paediatric and adult neurosurgeon based in Sydney. He is a past federal president of the AMA and past NSW AMA president. He has been an advocate for injury prevention particular surrounding road safety. He has also championed legislative changes to prevent of children falling from windows as well as improving vaccination rates. He chaired the Victorian Government’s Ministerial Advisory Panel that developed Victoria’s Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation. He is currently the Labor candidate for the federal seat of Bennelong at the upcoming federal election. [@BrianOwler]

Mulinda Nyiendra

Dr Nyirenda [@mulinda_emalawi] is a chief specialist in emergency and internal medicine in Malawi. She has pioneered the adoption of emergency care integration in the Malawian health care system by establishing the first adult emergency department in Malawi.

She started undergraduate and postgraduate emergency medicine training programs at the College of Medicine in the University of Malawi. She believes health care is best delivered through teamwork and so contributes to equipping and empowering skilled and semi-skilled health workers contributing to provision of emergency care provision in the district health system.

Mulinda believes in providing evidence to guide practice by participating inclinical research covering the scope of acute care, infectious diseases, medical education, medical informatics and technology, and health care systems. She advocates for appropriately contextualized Emergency Care System strengthening across the African Continent within the African Federation for Emergency Medicine (AFEM).

Hugh Montgomery

Hugh is ICU Professor at University College London, with a Nature papers describing the first gene for human fitness. He has been involved in environment/health issues for 20 years, and chairs the Welcome Trust/Lancet Countdown on Climate and Health. He’s a father of two, a mountaineer and a fading ultra-marathon runner, and the author of two childrens’ books and a thriller (out Aug 2019). He also holds the world record in underwater piano playing. [@hugh_montgomery]

Esther Choo

Esther Choo is an emergency medicine physician and researcher studying drug use, violence, and health disparities. She is co-founder of a company called Equity Quotient, which conducts culture assessments of healthcare organizations, and a founder of TIME’S UP Healthcare, an initiative that advocates for workplace safety and equity. [@choo_ek]

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