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Coda was born with one goal in mind: to take discussion and turn it into action. This extends to creating engaging clinical content but also to tackling broader issues that threaten global health.  

Coda however, will go one step further than SMACC, by crafting actions to mitigate threats to global health. Be a part of the change, as we strive for a healthier world.

Coda EDUCATE 2020

Action Stage: Stage OneIdentify

Technology in medicine is advancing at pace, providing unparalleled opportunities to process information and to improve both outcomes and safety for healthcare. But with this good comes many challenges and even dangers. How can we better share information and distribute the opportunities equitably? What are the safety mechanisms and who is providing the oversight?

This episode of CodaZero is the first under the Educate pillar. It is the perfect opportunity to start examining the benefits and risks posed by rapidly changing technology within healthcare. The Educate pillar remains at the ‘identify’ stage of our staged action-plan development process. At this stage the conversations are just beginning and are designed to highlight possible area for further action.

Coda EDUCATE 2020

  1. Deep Learning – Pushing the boundaries of health AI. How do we make it fair and the data safe? with Martin Seneviratne
  2. What can Artificial Intelligence algorithms in healthcare learn from Indigenous cultures? with Megan Williams
  3. Has the COVID19 Pandemic been the death of Evidence Based Medicine or the birth of Evidence Based Agility? with Simon Carley
  4. Is the pandemic an extinction event for public interest journalism? with Melissa Sweet
CODA EDUCATE: Full Episode

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