Robert Danis (1880-1962) was a Belgian general surgeon.

Early description of sacral block technique used worldwide (1913); developed Depage-Danis technique of total mastectomy and early compression plates for fracture fixation (1932); published ground-breaking work on internal fixation of fractures (1932); and created his own ‘coapteusr’, plates providing axial compression across fracture segments, allowing accurate fracture healing without callus formation (1938)

Pioneer of anatomical reduction and rigid fixation for internal fracture fixation. Eponymously affiliated with Danis-Weber ankle fracture classification

  • Born on August 28, 1880 in Oudenaarde, Belgium
  • 1904 – Graduated Université Libre de Bruxelles; surgical assistant to renowned surgeon, Dr Antoine Deparge
  • 1919 – Professor of operative surgery and gynaecology
  • 1925 – Chairman of the department of surgery at Hôpitals Brugmann and St Pierre
  • 1932 – Pioneered new total mastectomy technique for breast cancer
  • 1938 – Designed Coapteur for internal fracture fixation
  • 1947 – Honorary fellow of Royal College of Surgeons England
  • 1949 – Published ‘Theorie et pratique de l’osteosynthese’ regarding internal fixation of bone fractures, contributing to Dani-Weber classification
  • 1951 – Elected president of the Société Internationale de Chirurgie [International society of surgery]
  • Died unexpectedly on July 3, 1962

Medical Eponyms
Danis-Weber ankle fracture classification (Danis 1949; Weber 1972)

The Danis-Weber classification is a method of describing ankle fractures. It has three categories, based primarily upon the fracture of the fibula. The Danis-Weber classification system was first described by Robert Danis in 1949 and later modified and popularised by Bernhard Georg Weber in 1972, 10 years after Danis’ death.

This simple ankle fracture classification system is more commonly called the Weber ankle fracture classification. It has three categories, based primarily upon the fracture of the fibula.

Danis-Weber classification no labels
Danis-Weber classification labelled
Danis-Weber classification; Drag marker to see labels

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