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Meigs syndrome

Meigs syndrome: Triad of ascites with hydrothorax in association with benign ovarian tumor, that is cured after tumor resection. Described in 1934 by Joe Vincent Meigs (1892-1963)
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Ultrasound Case 101

A 74 year old man presents with increasing fluid overload and hypotension. He has small complexes on his ECG and you are asked to assess for a pericardial effusion. There is lots of fluid, can you describe where it is?
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Peritoneal Fluid Analysis

The peritoneum is a tough semi-permeable membrane lining abdominal and visceral cavities. it encloses, supports and lubricates organs within the cavity. Paracentesis is effectively the analysis of 'Ascites' - the abnormal accumulation of fluid within the abdomen.
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Ascitic Fluid

OVERVIEW classified according to serum-ascites albumin gradient (SAAG) CAUSES High SAAG (“transudate”) cirrhosis, hepatic failure, hepatic venous occlusion, constrictive pericarditis, kwashiorkor, cardiac failure, alcoholic hepatitis, liver metastasis Low SSAG (“exudate”) malignancy, infection (bacterial, fungal, Tb), pancreatitis, nephrotic syndrome, bowel obstruction…