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Joseph O’Dwyer (1841 – 1898) 340

Joseph O’Dwyer

Joseph O'Dwyer (1841 – 1898) was an American physician. Father of laryngeal intubation in croup; O'Dwyer plain tube; system for intralaryngeal intubation; Fell-O’Dwyer apparatus
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Diphtheria Antitoxin

Find out when to give the diphtheria vaccine in the immunisation schedule and when to give the antitoxin via our A-Z tropical vaccine library.
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Diphtheria Vaccine

The vaccine is made from a cell-free purified toxin extracted from a strain of C. diphtheriae and treated with formaldehyde which converts it into a diphtheria toxoid. These are NOT live vaccines and can not cause the diphtheria.