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Manes Kartagener (1897-1975) 340

Manes Kartagener

Manes Kartagener (1897 - 1975) was an Austrian-Swiss physician. First to report the triad of situs inversus, chronic sinusitis and bronchiectasis in 1933 – Kartagener syndrome.
Jacob Churg (1910–2005) 340

Jacob Churg

Jacob Churg (1910–2005) was a Belarussian/Polish born American practicing pathologist. Eponymous affiliation with Churg-Strauss Syndrome (CSS) in 1951. Now known as Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (EGPA)
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Löffler syndrome

Löffler (Loeffler) syndrome is a transient, self-limiting, and benign pulmonary eosinophilia, characterised by pulmonary opacities on X-ray, elevated blood eosinophils and an acute onset of potential symptoms of mainly cough and dyspnoea.