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Button Battery Update 3.0

Want to know the latest on button battery management, prevention and immediate care? Look no further than our latest tox offering.

Top 10 Foreign Bodies

These are my top 10 foreign bodies, found on X-ray. From time to time little things get lost. Whether you are playing billiards naked in the dark; counting money with your tongue; battling with an electric rolling pin; or just 'slipping' whilst in the shower….
Ultrasound cases top 100 340

Ultrasound Case 067

A 33 year old gardener presents a few days after receiving a penetrating injury from a palm frond. There is an entry wound and his thenar eminence is red, hot and swollen. You take a look...
Gastrointestinal-Gutwrencher-LITFL-340 2


You are assessing a 37 year old male in the emergency department. He appears to be in discomfort and states that he fell asleep at a party and thinks ‘someone put something up his back passage while he was out of it’.
Ultrasound cases top 100 340

Ultrasound Case 053

A 23 year old surfer presents several weeks after sustaining a foot injury with some mild swelling and pain in his mid plantar arch. 2 weeks previously he had been running along the rocks when he stood on something sharp. A small wound was present however his surfing desire proved stronger than his nociceptive instinct and he returned to the waves.
Ultrasound cases top 100 340

Ultrasound Case 041

An 83 year old woman with sepsis and acute kidney injury is being managed in your resuscitation area. A urinary catheter has been placed to monitor urine output. After an hour there is no urinary output at all.
Ophthalmology-Befuddler 340 256

Something in my eye, Doc

A mechanic presents with something in his eye. Can you navigate the traps and pitfall of assessing and managing this common emergency presentation?
Paediatric Perplexity 340 256

Nasal foreign body

A case-based Q-and-A on procedural sedation using ketamine to remove a button battery from a child's nose. What if laryngospasm occurs?