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Lung ultrasound: Empyema

Empyema is a purulent pleural effusion. Seeding of the pleural space by bacteria or rarely fungi is usually from extension from adjacent pulmonary infection.
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Lung ultrasound: Lung Point

In the presence of a pneumothorax the visceral and parietal pleural surfaces are separated. The point at which these two surfaces meet is known as the lung point
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Lung ultrasound: Pneumothorax

A pneumothorax, an abnormal collection of gas in the pleural space, separating the parietal pleura of the chest wall from the visceral pleura of the lung.
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Lung Ultrasound Report

This report is designed as an educational aid aimed at guiding the user through the steps required to perform a lung ultrasound examination. Whilst not exhaustive it will remind users of the appearances of the more common lung pathologies.
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Lung ultrasound: Pleural effusion

The aims of ultrasound guided assessment of pleural effusion are: To determine and describe the size and site of the effusion. To mark the optimal site for drainage (and perform the procedure) if required. To characterize the effusion, noting echogenicity…

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Lung Ultrasound: Comprehensive Examination

Comprehensive lung ultrasound examination involves the following steps: Thorough clinical assessment with integration of history, clinical findings and other investigations. This enables formulation of a differential diagnosis and allows more accurate interpretation of the ultrasound findings. Ultrasound examination of all…

don’t jump the gun…

the case. an elderly male is bought to ED following a high-speed motor vehicle accident having driven his car into a tree at ~100 km He is complaining of severe chest pain & trouble breathing.

FALLS protocol…

Below is the main content discussed at an ultrasound workshop I ran this week at the Sydney HEMS Clinical Governance Day.