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Neurological Mind Boggler 340

Medically cleared?

A young woman is 'talking to voices' and is admitted to the psychiatric unit. Does she have a mental illness, or is something else going on?
Neurological Mind Boggler 340

Bullet in the Head

A gun shot wound to the head provides the basis for a question-and-answer based discussion on penetrating traumatic brain injury and multi-modal monitoring.
Neurological Mind Boggler 340

Pseudobulbar and bulbar palsies

You have an emotionally labile patient in the department who sounds like 'Donald duck'. Before rounding up some students to 'pimp' you decide to test yourself on bulbar and pseudobulbar palsies so that you don't get caught out...
Neurological Mind Boggler 340

Coma and small pupils

You are asked to review a 65 year-old man who is comatose (GCS 3) with small pupils (2 mm bilaterally). He has a history of diabetes mellitus and bipolar disorder. He was discharged from hospital yesterday, following a surgical procedure.
Neurological Mind Boggler 340

HIV brain mass

Consider a 45 year-old HIV positive male with right hemiparesis and fluctuating conscious state. His CT head is shown below.