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vanPOCUS: Pulmonary POCUS

Vancouver POCUS present a review of pulmonary point of care ultrasound including pneumothorax, pleural effusion and B-lines by Dr. Lauren Arthurs.
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Pleural Effusion Case 002

A 27 year old man presents with fevers and increasing shortness of breath presents to your department. He has a vasculitic peripheral rash and feels generally unwell.
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Ultrasound Case 025

A 70 year old man presents with gradually increasing shortness of breath. He has had some weight loss. His CXR shows a very large left side probable pleural effusion. You wonder whether it is consolidation, solid tumour, a simple pleural effusion or a complex pleural effusion.
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Lung ultrasound: Empyema

Empyema is a purulent pleural effusion. Seeding of the pleural space by bacteria or rarely fungi is usually from extension from adjacent pulmonary infection.
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Lung ultrasound: Pleural effusion

The aims of ultrasound guided assessment of pleural effusion are: To determine and describe the size and site of the effusion. To mark the optimal site for drainage (and perform the procedure) if required. To characterize the effusion, noting echogenicity…