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Spaso Miljesic Croatian, Nurse Specialist 340

Spaso technique

Spaso Miljesic (1946 - ) Croatian, Nurse Specialist. Famous for the 'Spaso technique' for the reduction of shoulder dislocations described in 1998.

The Procedures Course

The Procedures Course is a 'hands on' cadaver based course designed to help you achieve mastery at life-limb-and-sight saving procedures.
Ruling the Resus Room 340

Own the Chest Tube!

The LITFL team have scoured the web to find the best collection of online instructional videos known to man or woman to help you 'own the chest tube'!

General Preparation for Procedures

Prepare yourself Familiarise yourself with the procedure, including the indications, contraindications, technique with anatomical landmarks, and the potential complications. Never perform a procedure unless you have first observed. that procedure being performed, and then performed the procedure at least once…