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Pulmonary Puzzler 340

Pulmonary panic

A 17 year old female with a background history of HIV presents with a 3 day history of fevers, chills and rigors. Her admission chest X-rays are shown below:
Pulmonary Puzzler 340

Ballooning Up

A 36 year-old immunosuppressed male was infected with swine-origin influenza virus requiring mechanical ventilation. Overnight the inspiratory pressures needed to maintain his tidal volume had progressively increased and his face had become markedly swollen.
Pulmonary Puzzler 340

Pneumonia gone bad

Consider a 56 year old male with no past medical history presenting with 10 days of fevers, chills, myalgia and cough followed by worsening breathlessness over the past 4 days.
Pulmonary Puzzler 340

Not just a PE

A classic respiratory case. This 25 year old female presented with worsening breathless. She has no previous medical problems.
Pulmonary Puzzler 340

Not just pneumonia

A 30 year-old male presented with 24 hours of worsening respiratory distress, following a 5-day prodrome of cough, fever, diarrhoea, lethargy and malaise.